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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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1. Can you remember a time when you were feeling X?

2. Close your eyes. See what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how it felt.

3. At peak of her pleasure, reach out and touch.

4. Repeat 2 times.

5. Fire off anchor by repeating same touch. Hold it while talking to her, or let it go and refire it later.

6. Accelerate her state even more using quotes, sub-modalities or describing other people's experiences.


This next section of the book deals with practical, real world application of all these patterns to the various situations you are likely to face. Bear in mind that the general sequence that any good pattern follows, involves these steps:

Step 1: Create a state of intense connection, time distortion, love, fascination, knowing you forever etc.

Tools to use for this: "Have you ever", "What's it like when" and other weasel phrases; process descriptions, etc.

Step 2: Create states of arousal and lust by getting her focused in on pleasurable feelings in her body.

Tools to use for this: anchoring, quotes, sub-modalities, describing another person's experiences.

Step 3: Put on condom. You're about to get raped!!!


Did you ever instantly know that you'd be totally fascinated by something you were reading? I mean, maybe as you continued to read it, and notice the shape of the letters, the darkness of the ink, and the whiteness of the page, it allowed you to GO INSIDE, and remember a time when learning was easy and fun?

Ha ha ha. Just playing with you.

NOW, as I've said before and probably will continue to repeat, it's extremely important to first create those states of POWERFUL connection. When you do so, you'll find that oftentimes that's enough, that you won't even have to do the sexual stuff.

Just keep in mind that every girl is different. Some are inherently more suggestible than others; some are naturally hornier and looser sexually, and would fuck at the drop of a hat (or condom) in any case!.

Having said all that, let's look at a few really great patterns for creating those connections, using the incredibly powerful phenomena of time distortion. You'll see us use time distortion again in the Boyfriend Destroyer, but right now, let's look at my favorite, the:

Instantaneous/Timeless Connection Pattern Variation #1

When to use pattern: This pattern far and away works the best within the first few minutes of meeting her. It's particularly good for girls who are really into New Age bullshit like astrology, tarot cards, ESP, UFO's and all that other crap. You can use it over the phone, in writing, or of course, as it works best, face to face!

Steps/Tools used: Weasel phrases, embedded commands and time distortion.

You: Have you ever felt an INSTANTANEOUS connection with someone? (Point to yourself) Like maybe as you were there, looking at them, and you started to LISTEN INTENTLY, it was like there was a cord of LIGHT

(gesture from your solar plexus-to hers) going from you to them? And as that cord began to GLOW, WITH THE WARMTH of that connection, maybe you were even able to IMAGINE A TIME IN YOUR FUTURE (gesture either to your left or to your right ... at this point it really doesn't matter), say six months from now, still FEELING THAT SENSE OF INCREDIBLE CONNECTION, and LOOKING BACK ON TODAY (point back to you) as having been the start of it?

You: See, I think it's so funny how some people can JUST DO

THAT and LET IT HAPPEN INSTANTANEOUSLY (snap your fingers) because for me it takes longer. But I do find that during the course of an evening, as you REALLY LISTEN to someone (point to yourself), and you START TO RECOGNIZE those values and qualities in them that you hold so dearly for yourself ... pause ... WITH ME that's when you can MAKE THAT CONNECTION and really FEEL THAT GROWING BOND.

Ok. Look familiar? It should, since we showed you this early on. But here's a variation to use, because sometimes when you ask if they've felt an instantaneous connection, they'll say "NO!". So try this one instead, it's very similar:

Variation #2

Did you ever instantly know you were going to like and trust someone for a long, long time? (Point to yourself) Like maybe even though you only knew them a short while, it seemed like you had known them your whole life, as if there were a timeless connection between you and them? (gesture to her and then to you!) I mean, you know that feeling of incredible bonding, when all the barriers just drop, away and melt and you just feel so totally comfortable and at ease with them. And it's like maybe you were even able to imagine a time in your future, say years from now, still being incredibly connected to this person (point to yourself again) and looking back on today as having been the start of it?

I just think that's the neatest thing when a person can GO INSIDE and INSTANTLY recognize all those qualities and values in that other person, that LETS THAT CONNECTION TAKE PLACE WITH SOMEONE ... (pause) ME, it usually takes a bit longer.

Now, I like this variation quite nicely. I also think it would make a good reply to a woman's personal ad, or even a nice outgoing voice mail message for those systems where women call in to listen to you, and then decide if they want to make contact.

Would you like to see how I'd change the wording to fit that format? What's that you say ... you would? Ok: here goes, with

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