Conversational Anchoring

One of the best and simplest and hardest to detect ways to anchor is to talk to someone about a certain state of mind, as we've shown you how to do using your favorite weasel patterns, HAVE YOU EVER or WHAT'S IT LIKE WHEN? Then, once you've finished describing that state or experience and the person is really experiencing it, you just reach over and touch them, and as you do so, you say, "Can you feel that (pause for a second) would be a wonderful experience to have?".

Now ... let me explain this for a second. It's using something we call ambiguity. You see, when you ask the person, "can you feel that" as you touch them, at first their mind thinks you mean "can you feel this touch I'm giving you?" and of course they instantly think, "yes". But then, when you go on, after that split second pause, to add in, "would be a wonderful experience to have?" they then become a bit confused, and go back and associate all those wonderful feelings to that touch you just gave them. The link has instantly been made, unconsciously, so there's nothing they can do but feel those feelings whenever you touch them.

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