Boyfriend Destroyer Part I

Note: This pattern is for use when you ask a woman out and she hits you with that famous line, "I have a boyfriend". It's purpose is to get her to meet you for coffee anyway, at which time you can play with her mind using any of the other patterns we'll give you. It's also another example of one of my favorite types of patterns: time distortion!!!

You: Well, look, I really enjoyed this, and I'd like to talk to you again sometime? Can I call you?

You: You have a boyfriend? Well, I have to admit I'm disappointed, I have to respect that you're in a relationship. But let me ask you a question. How surprised would you be to FIND YOURSELF ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SPENDING A LITTLE TIME WITH ME? I mean maybe to the point where you could IMAGINE US OVER COFFEE, LAUGHING AND HAVING THE BEST TIME, and you starting to FEEL REALLY COMFORTABLE WITH IT? As you THINK ABOUT IT LIKE THAT, doesn't seem natural to meet like Monday or Tuesday for coffee?

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Understanding Mind Control

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