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Now, don't wince at all this. Some of these patterns are only three or four sentences along, and don't take more than 5 minutes to do!! The reason I'm taking such pains to explain is I want you to understand how what you're doing works, so you can improve upon it and come up with stuff even better!!

You see, the average Speed Seducer will just blindly memorize the words of a seduction pattern, without understanding what he's doing. And, in many cases this will work. He'll still beat out his untrained competition 9 times out of 10.

But the smart guy, the true, blue, deep in the guts Speed Seducer, will want to understand what he's doing. And he'll get so good at it that ..



A Word about Softeners

One of the things that can be useful to you as you find yourself using these patterns in a very powerful way, is to make sure you soften what you do, by throwing in some fluff phrases.

For example, I'll often say things like, "You know, I hope you don't mind my asking this, but one of the things I like to do is to find out about the person I'm getting to know, and I do that by asking questions about what's important to them. So as you look at men and think about what we're talking about, I'd just like to ask you:"

And then I get on to the pattern I'm going to use with her. Now, you'll find that by doing this you can get away with stuff that she'd normally might call you on.

Other softeners might be:

1. I know this might seem a little wild, but just for the sake of this playful discussion we're having ...

2. I just want to say, and I hope you don't find this too intrusive ...

3. Would you mind if I just asked you, just for the sake of helping me to understand better ...

All of these work because they pace any possible objection she might have to going along with you.

Rules and Attitudes Of Jeffries Speed Seduction

1. Always communicate with a direction or outcome in mind. When you talk to a woman, never do it just to be flapping your lips!! Think of the states you want her in and then use your skills to direct her there!!

2. First create states of fascination, connection, feeling an intense bond, before you move for the sexual stuff! Most women will not feel comfortable if you get them aroused first and S-N-A-P goes that fish line!

3. The purpose of your communication is not to give her and understanding; the purpose is to get you a result!! Speed Seduction works by manipulating and directing unconscious processes, NOT by getting her conscious agreement. Leave arguing and explaining to your competitors.

4. Speed Seducing is fun!! If you aren't being directed by a playful attitude, then you aren't doing Speed Seduction.

5. Keep your skills a secret! Any technique works best if it is hidden and unexpected, so don't tell them that you know this stuff!!

6. Be a stainless steel fist in a velvet glove!! Always be as low key and understated as possible in the application of your skills. Not, "ha ha, I'm doing this to you", but "gee, isn't it interesting how the mind works?"

7. Always go from least intrusive to most intrusive! Some of the techniques I'll show involve getting people to picture things inside their heads in a certain way. This is something you always want to do LAST, when they are already hot and horny and utterly fascinated by you, NEVER FIRST!!!

8. Never resist what a woman offers -- turn it around and use it as leverage! Any response a woman makes to your moves can be turned on her and used to get what you want, if you relax and DON'T ARGUE or ASK FOR EXPLANATIONS. We'll show you later how to utterly destroy a woman's objections and bullshit, using this principle.

9. Challenge is where the fun is!! What isn't yet working is the doorway to new power and understanding!!!

10. The less initial attraction she has for you, or the less sexual a person she is, the more you'll have to rely on juicing up her body feelings to get her to fuck you! You'll find that every woman varies; some just need the intense connection states to be pushed over the line; others you'll need to add in sub-modalities and anchoring; and still others will need an intense state description before they pounce on you!! Watch what responses you are getting and respond accordingly!

11. Use softeners liberally. By doing so, you'll be able to introduce the wildest topics, as the most intrusive questions, and still seem like a respectful, normal guy, instead of a sex-crazed mind-fucker.

Chapter One Review and Exercises: Circle the right answer:

1. A smart Speed Seducer never plans the states he wants a woman to experience. (True) (False)

2. Get a girl very hot and bothered first, and then create a deep connection (True) (False)

(B) A sweet mystery of life that no one can explain.

(C) A result of a internal mental process that can be recreated if properly described.

4. On a date the most important thing to think about is:

(C) If she smells real bad down there.

5. In the spaces below, list some of the states you'd like a very hot woman to experience with you:

6. Nice guys usually only get women to experience states of:

(A) drooling lust

(B) mild comfort and enjoyment

(C) utter fascination

(E) None of the above

7. Speed Seduction works by:

(A) The magic of believing and thinking big

(B) Crossing your fingers and hoping the Good Fairy What Sits In The Sky will grant your every wish

(C) Begging and pleading for a girl like you

(D) Deciding what states you want her to experience and then skillfully describing and linking those states to you.

8. Ross Jeffries is:

(A) The greatest genius the 20th Century has ever seen

(B) A veritable God among men and your one, true, guru

(C) Going to fuck your girlfriend if you give him half a chance

(D) All of the above

9. A good example of a softener would be:

(A) Hey slut, mind if I ask you something?

(B) Do you mind if I ask you how much you like to give head?

(C) When I'm getting to know someone, it's important to me that I find out what they really want out of life. So, if you don't mind my asking, what's really important to you about ...

(D) Would you mind if I talked really dirty and suggestive to you for a second?

"I never hit a woman with her clothes on!" ... Sean David Morton

Chapter 2


If you can answer "YES" to the following questions, then you can qualify to be a great Speed Seducer. Obviously you have an interest in Speed Seduction or you wouldn't be reading this book. So here comes the real questions:

1. Do you sincerely wish to be able to seduce tons of gorgeous woman, and have the power to create states of overwhelming lust and attraction in the hottest women around?

2. Do you want to start seeing these results in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks, or are you just reading for curiosity?

3. Are you willing to suspend your disbelief and try something new, FIRST, before you decide if it's possible?

4. Are you willing to give about half an hour a day, for the next 21 days, training in Speed Seduction, if it means a lifetime of power, confidence and astonishing success with the hottest women you can imagine?

If you answered "YES" to these four questions, you are well on your way.

You see, the first requirement for greatness in anything, in any walk of life is ...


With the right attitude you can turn around virtually any challenging area of your life and transform it into a TRIUMPH!!! Without the right attitude, even the best of tools are just useless deadweight.

The second requirement is KNOWING WHAT TO DO!! I will supply you with that. I'll take you by the hand and lead you step by step until you get so good at this you can make up your own stuff, test it in the real world, and then send it to me for future additions to this book!

But no one ... and I mean NO ONE, can make you have that attitude. You just have to decide that this is it! No more living a mediocre life. No more just getting by when it comes to women! You want more than that. You deserve more than that. And, most important ...


Now listen: Speed Seduction is designed to work. But, the first few times you try it, you might stumble a bit. That's normal. That's how we learn to do anything. (And don't feel bad because I stumbled for about a year in order to develop this into a science so you won't have to stumble much at all!)

And a further thing to consider: even when you get very good at these skills, sometimes, for whatever reason, you might run into a string of girls that you just get nowhere with.

It isn't your fault. It's not that you're doing anything at all wrong. It's just that ...


You see, you can't get blood from a stone, money from a broke person, and you can't get passion from a frigid, cold, turned-off pussy. In order to get her to remember states she's experienced before, and link them up with you, she has to have experienced them before at some time in her life.

Other girls are just so fucked up in the head, they aren't worth playing with!

But that's really not important. What's important is this: Are you willing to go through the first few times of not quite getting it, or running into some ice-queens, in order to MASTER THESE SKILLS and enjoy a lifetime of fun with incredible women?

You see, in a sense, I'd like you to become like a pit bull when it comes to mastering the skills of Speed Seduction.

What does a pit bull do, once it grabs hold of something? It doesn't let go.

No sir. It'll hang on even when that something (or someone) weights 10 times as much!! You can shake it, and slam it, and try to pry it off, but once it gets its jaws around you ...

Funny enough, but once you get this "pit bull" attitude, you can actually start to relax, loosen up, and enjoy the experience because you know that no matter what happens, you'll learning something you can use the next time out!! Paradoxically, that's when you start to win!! (Note: always look for paradoxes in life; there is tremendous power in paradox!)

So, to help you get this "pit bull" attitude, I'd like to put this book down and think a few minutes about what mastering Speed Seduction will do for you. Think of the kind of life it will let you enjoy with the kind of people you'd like to be with, and what it will mean as far as the way you feel about yourself, day after day, every day, when you've mastered it.

The other attitude you need to master, to get REALLY good at Speed Seduction is that ...


See, if you come at the world with a sense of neediness, chances are the world is going to slap your hand. But if, however horny you might be, you really believe that you can please that woman like no one else (and trust me, once you know how to create those emotional highs for her using Speed Seduction, you'll see how true that is!), then, then, then my friend she is going to sense it and is going to ...


Finally, as a great Speed Seducer, you have to be willing to be a little outrageous, to step outside your normal bounds, to go out and CREATE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES!!! If for example, you see a woman you'd like to meet, but she's walking in the opposite direction, do you think, "Oh well. My timing's lousy? If only she were going my way!".

No. Not if you're a Speed Seducer. A Speed Seducer takes one look, decides to go for it, and then he turns around and ...


Ah, the power of creative outrageousness! Now, will all women appreciate your sense of adventure? Probably not. But look, don't worry about scaring off the meek one. Just focus on ...


Let's try a different metaphor. The Average Frustrated Chump is a sensible economy sedan. The Speed Seducer in his approach to women and life in general is ...


'Nuff Said.


Every experience is simply an opportunity to learn, expand and grow. There are no failures; only feedback. (I know sometimes "feedback" can feel like "failure".) It's only failure if you lay down and quit!!! Only you can determine how much power you're going to give a woman to stop you!!

Chapter Two Review and Exercises:

1. In the space below, list all the benefits you'll get from mastering Speed Seduction:

2. In the space below, describe what a dull, repulsive, horrid, frustration filled failure your life will be if you don't master Speed Seduction:


One of the things you want to do when you use Speed Seduction, is to get a woman's mind moving in a certain direction without letting her know that that is what you're doing. Otherwise, you're going to encounter a lot of resistance, and S-N-A-P goes the fishing line.

You see, very few people ever want to feel like they are being manipulated. That's not to say that they can't be manipulated or don't want to be ... they just don't want to feel that's what's happening.

Now, one of the basic tools to get anyone moving in the direction you want are commands. Consider commands to be the foot-soldier in your army of seduction.

Notice, I'm not talking about directly commanding a woman to do something. We know that would just get her to resist us. As an example, if you wanted a woman to feel an attraction to you, you could, if you were brain dead, try the direct approach by saying something like, "Debbie, as I talk to you, I command you to feel very attracted to me! ".

Like as not, Debbie would either walk away or slap you and then walk away.

No. What you want to do is embed the command inside of a sentence, so that it has the effect you want, without her resisting.

In the above example, you could embed the command "FEEL VERY ATTRACTED", by saying something like, "You know, some people find, as they listen to someone who's very fascinating, that they can FEEL VERY ATTRACTED, Debbie."

In this case, it seems like you're just talking about people in general, but her unconscious mind picks it up and applies it to her. THIS IS THE START OF YOUR MOVING HER IN ANY DIRECTION YOU WANT HER TO GO!!!

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