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Card tricks that are performed while the magician is blindfolded make a particularly profound impression upon laymen. For this reason it is a good plan to include one such trick in a routine of card tricks.

1. Ask someone in the gathering to assist you, and when you have a volunteer place him on the left side of your table while you stand behind it. Have him shuffle the deck, and when you take it back glimpse the bottom card. Let us say it is the four of spades. Force this card upon your assistant, preferably using the classic force or the one-hand force, and have him show the card to all present.

Invite him to replace the card in the deck, make a short shuffle, then hand him the deck and ask him to shuffle it himself.

2. As he does this, take a white linen handkerchief from your pocket and fold it diagonally into a blindfold about two inches wide. Ask another spectator to tie the blindfold over your eyes. You will find, when you have been blindfolded in this manner, that you can see down the side of your nose and by tilting your head back a little but not too much--and glancing downwards you can see a certain area of the table top. You are supposed to be sightless, however, and therefore now you close your eyes, which will make your actions convincingly realistic.

3. Keeping your eyes tightly closed, take the deck and cut it into two packets, one of which you keep in your hand. Open your eyes and, glancing downwards and holding the cards within your area of vision, deal them face upwards on the table. Count the cards as you deal and when you see the force card--the four of spades--remember the number at which it lies from the top of the packet. Complete the deal without any hesitation, and ask the spectator if he has seen his card.

If the card is not in this packet, take the other one and repeat the deal with it, noting the position of the force card--how far it is from the top.

4. Hand the packet containing the force card to the assistant, and close your eyes tightly throughout the remainder of the trick; your consequent fumbling will be convincing. Request the assistant to hand you the cards one by one, face downwards, and to think intently of his card. Let us suppose that you know that the force card is the eighteenth card in his packet. Take the cards one by one, appearing to concentrate on each card and leading the audience to believe that you will announce when you have been given the proper card. Instead, you wait until you are given the card before the one you know is his; in the present illustration, you will take the seventeenth card and hesitate before discarding it.

5. Abruptly you exclaim, "Just a moment! Hold that next card face downwards." Lift off the blindfold with your left hand. "What was the card of which you have been thinking?" Gesture toward him with your right hand.

"The four of spades."

"Right! Show that card to everybody!"

He does, and everyone sees that you have stopped him on his card.

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