Fours of a Kind

The plot of this trick is similar to that of the feat described as the sevens. It has, however, a delayed climax of the turn-the-tables type.

Prior to performance remove the fours of clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds. Arrange the deck so that one of these is at the top and the second is directly below it; after the second there is an indifferent card with a third four-spot below it. Place the remaining four-spot second from the bottom.

1. Shuffle the cards by means of the riffle shuffle, without disturbing the two cards at the bottom or the four cards at the top.

2. Force the four-spot at the top by means of the backslip force, and have it placed on the table before the drawer, without permitting its face to be seen.

3. Prepare for a double lift, saying, "There is a sympathy among cards which has often been commented upon. I believe that I can show you what I mean." Turn the two top cards as one, showing the indifferent card, which let us say is a nine, and replace the two face downwards on the deck. Remove the top card, a four-spot, and place it face downwards before you, saying, "This card tells me the value of the card you drew. It is a nine."

4. Hold the pack in the left hand face downwards as for the glide, tip it up so that the face card, which we shall say is a diamond, can be seen, and say, "This card indicates the suit. A diamond. We know your card must be the nine of diamonds." Turn the pack face downwards as you say this, glide back the bottom card, remove the card above it (a four-spot), and place it face downwards before you on the table.

Remove the card that is now above the glided card at the bottom and, using it as a pointer, indicate the two cards before you. "Remember," you say. "A nine here and a diamond here. The nine of diamonds." Replace the pointer card at the bottom, thus effectually concealing the glided card.

5. At this point the indifferent card is at the top of the pack, with a four-spot directly under it. Make the pass, transposing the upper half to the bottom, and hold a left-little-finger break between the two packets. Spread the cards from hand to hand and force the fourth four-spot upon yourself-- a feat that should give you very little trouble! It is only necessary to remove the card below the one above which the little finger maintains control.

Place this card face downwards beside the other three, explaining, "The purpose of this card will be clear in a moment.

As you have seen, the cards say that the one you drew a moment ago is the nine of diamonds. Please turn your card face upwards and show everyone that this is the case."

6. The spectator turns his card and shows it. Let us say it is the four of the heart suit. Appear a little discomfited; then exclaim, "My original trick hasn't worked, so I shall do another trick instead. Your card is the four of hearts. Very well. Cards, change!" Tap each of the three cards before you, turn them over, and show that each is a four-spot.

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