Charlier Shuffle

This shuffle is also called the "haymow" shuffle. It is unique among card sleights in that neatness of execution is not required; in fact, it is most effective when done rather clumsily. Although expert cardmen affect to disdain it for that reason, the wise operator values it for its effect on laymen, to whom it is the most convincing false shuffle extant. The shuffle, though apparently thoroughly mixing the cards, really leaves them in the same condition that a simple complete cut would do. The moves are:

1. Hold the pack face downwards in the left hand, as for dealing. Push off a small packet, some five or six cards, with the left thumb and take it in the right hand between the thumb on the back and the fingers on the face (Fig. 74).

2. Raise the left hand slightly and with the left fingers push out a small packet from the bottom of the deck. Take this packet in the right hand on top of the first packet, by lifting the fight thumb and then dropping it on top (Fig. 75).

3. Lower the left hand a little, push off another small packet from the top with the left

thumb, and take it with the right fingers underneath the cards in the fight hand (Fig. 76).

4. Push out another small packet from the bottom with the left fingers, and take it on top of the cards in the right hand.

5. Continue as above until all the cards have been transferred to the right hand.

As has already been stated, this shuffle leaves the deck in the same condition as it would be after one complete cut. By jogging the first packet from the bottom of the deck--that is, by making it protrude inwards from the packet in the fight hand-- a break can be formed at the jog at the end of the shuffle, and a single cut will return the pack to its original condition.

This shuffle is especially useful for keeping a small packet of cards in sequence, for which purpose neither the overhand nor the riffle shuffle is suitable.

We would emphasize the need for making the shuffle rather slowly and roughly, with great emphasis on the fact that it mixes (do not use the word "shuffle") the cards thoroughly.

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