This then is business but any situation in life can set up similar conditions Sometimes you re the master sometimes the servant and sometimes you are equal Your role will often depend on the circumstances

Playing the master tends to suggest that you automatically look down on the servant, but this is not necessarily so. The role of master does not require that you lack respect for the person in the role of servant. This we must keep firmly in mind. The master, though, does control the situation, and the servant follows.

When you perform, which role are you going to play: master or servant? Or are you and the audience going to be equals?

Of course, as an individual, you are no more important than each member of the audience. But during your performance, yes, then your role is that of master. The audicncc does not and should not have an equal say in your act; indeed, they would probably feel chcatcd if thev did have. You are the boss lor the duration of your show, and the audience follows your direction. #

To be effective, you must be in command—and audiences love a performer who takes command. Someone who is not in control, who doesn t wield more power than the audience, is not die boss and people couldn't care less about such a performer. Without hesitation, they will rear that person apart.

You take the control, you command the room. I here is no1 May I please?" Of course, you don't take all the time; performing is a form of communication. You give, you take, you give, you take: It is a wave of cooperation.

Imagine, for a moment, a performer who gives more than he takes. This places him in the role of servant, and makes the audience the boss. 1 le is tr ying to please, doing what he thinks the audience wants. If the audience should shout, "Stand on your head,v he would immediately do it. I don t believe that audicnces would care for such a performer. They want the performer to be the master, the guide, the person who determines what happens next and in which direction the proceedings go.

By giving more than you take, rhe audience will be less interested and less pleased than when you take a litde more than you give.

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