The tod

E5, let's build a house. Why not? It could he fun. Lets see, we'll start... oh, I like parries, lets start with a housewarming party. Then when everyone has left we'll build die roof and arrange all the furniture. With the furniture in place we'll pour the foundation. While the concrete is drying I'll contact an architect to make some drawings for the new house. Then we can glue the wallpaper to die... die... eh... oh, we haven't any walls yet. Well, that doesn't matter. We're not going to be deterred by details. We'll stick the strips of paper together; then later we can always glue the walls to the paper. What difference does it make? Then, once we've built the staircase and installed the clcctric wiring we'll be ready to see the architect, who is coming over to show us the first drafts of our new house. The day after he comes we'll build the walls.

We'll spare no effort or cost to build the best house possible. The best craftsmen, the best materials, the best architect in the business; nothing but the best! Every detail will be experdy handled.

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