It doesn't take much to see in this exaggerated example diat the result will be catastrophic as far as houses go. Still, in spite of that, every task was executed masterfully! There's our point: One can do things in themselves correcdy and yer end up with something that doesn't work at all. Every element is correct, but the structure as a whole won't hang together.

When building something, whether its a house or a magical effect, it is essential ro do things in the proper order. The order in which you do them is as important as how you do them. This may seem obvious, but it's so easy to get confused and find yourself doing things out of order without realizing it. Just as widi a house, when creating a magical effect we cant start by building the roof.

Quire a bit has been written in our literature on how to do certain things. We find many discussions of what is important and what isn't, how different people go about things, and so on. And much of this advice indeed makes a lot of sense. However, rarely is attention given to the correct times in the creation process when taking certain steps makes the most sense. Let's examine byway of example how one goes about building a house and see how the same ideas apply to magic.

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