the outer end of the card ripped upward, angling the face of the card out of the spectators line of sight.

Set the rest of the cards aside. With your empty right hand, pretend to pull one ol the outer pips oft the Six and feed it to the "spider" dangling from your left wrist. Repeat this business, pretending to pull off the second outer pip. "Oh, lies very hungry. I forgot to feed him yesterday." As you make this comment, relax your left hand and arm a bit, lowering the card and exposing its face for a short moment. The spectators see a Six of Diamonds with its two outer pips obviously missing! Your thumb hides the join between the feke and card, right up to the right-hand center pip, and you curl the tip of your left second finger around the right side of the card to conceal the join to the right of the pip (Figure 4 again).

Turn die face of the card once more toward you, and feed the spider the two center pips. As you do this, manage to push the card and feke up a bit in the hand, revealing more white space where the left-hand center pip should be, and straightening the thumb to conceal the right-hand center pip (Figure 5).The card now appears to have only two pips left. Pause and say to the spider, "Don t eat so fast. Chew your food.' And again permit an "accidental" glimpse of the card face. Two more pips have vanished!

Now, as you pretend to remove the fifth pip, that at the inner left corner of the card, use your right thumb to drag the feke down and ofFthe card, into right-hand finger palm (Figure 6). Move your right hand down to the spider, feed it the pip, then return the hand to the card for the last pip. As you pretend to take this, secretly slip die feke between the card and your left fingers, the right fingertips swiveling it ninety degrees (Figure 7), so that its edges are safely away from those of the card, assuring that it is completely conccalcd.

card be seen. This is not done as a purposeful display, but as if by accident. Transfer the card (and the hidden fekc beneath it) to your right hand and put bodi safely away in a pocket. Then unwind the thread of the spider from your wrist and slowly open the tissue ball at your fingertips, revealing the six diamond pips inside.

You can add a further humorous effect to the presentation if you like. To do so, use flash paper for the tissue, and cur the diamond pips from Hash paper as well, coloring them witl a red marking pen. You will also require a rubber spider, purchased from a practical jok< shop, which you compress and secure with flash string. This is kept in the pocket when you will deposit the special card and feke after the feeding.

As you pocket the card and fcke, palm the bound spider in your right hand. Then after opening the flash tissue and exhibiting the pips, crumple them up in the tissue agair secredy adding the spider. Now light the ball of flash paper and immediately toss it into th air as it goes off. Be sure, when you do this diat vou arc working over a surface that wont b damaged if the paper is still burning when it hits the table. Or, to save the table and yoi fingers from accidcntal singeing, set the ball in an ashtray to ignite it. An impressive flas results, and from it appears your spider!This reaps a strong audience reaction, but after usin it for a while I decided it was too silly and too dependent on shock value to suit my styl bur 1 mention it, as it may be useful to some.

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