General Dangers

Now let's look at some of the dangers involved in failureffects, even when they are successfully acted. First: Not everyone in the audience might understand at the conclusion of the trick that the failure was merely a theatrical ploy. Given superb acting, many people may misunderstand, mistaking theatrical reality for true reality. Dont be surprised if after your show someone says, "He's good! He did make a mistake, but he was able to cover it up. He is good—not pcrfcct yet, but maybe with a few more years of training he will become a really good magician, one who doesn't make mistakes!"

I doubt that this is the opinion you want people to have of you? However, in failurelTects, where you "obviously make a mistake" and dien "magically correct it", you can be sure some people will believe that you really made a mistake and are not doing your work perfecdy. Perhaps, then, you should find a way to make it obvious, after die effect, that die Mure was only playful teasing, while you leave die audiences suspension of disbelief intact. To achieve this goal, though, you mustn't leave the dream world you have created for everyone.

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