An Impression of Confidence

If you look at your spectators immediately after you have accomplished a magical feat, it not only suppresses their reactions, it also has an undesirable side-effect. When you look up to their faces, they are likely to get the impression diat you are determining whether they liked your trick.

It doesn't matter if you are checking their reaction or not. It has only to appear that you are. And a performer who is continually checking his spectators to see if they like what lie has dune, fails to give an impression of confidence in his own work. How much confidence you actually have or lack is immaterial here. It will appear that your confidence is wanting, for a performer with confidence doesn't need to check his spectators to see if they like his tricks. A confident performer knows rhey will like his work.

So, when you give an audience sufficient privacy to react, you also increase the impression that you are confident in what you are doing.

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