All this occurred mind you while the hotel was only half full

This way of conducting business may be foreign to many, and could be perceived as irritating, even obnoxious. The clerk does have a reason, though, for presenting the situation to the man in this way. The hotel and its staff acted in this manner so that they didn't behave like servants, and this in turn allowed the customer to express his gratitude. This is not done to make anyone angry, but simply to equalize the relationship between hotel staff and their customers—to avoid a master-servant relationship. Many cultures perceive it as more appropriate to do business between equals—and why not! After all, there is a person who has a product and one who has money and wants the product. Negotiations are made and only when both parries decide that the money offered is equivalenc to the wordi of die product is the exchange made. Both parries are equal and should he equally satisfied with the exchange; neither is the servant of the other.

One can say that he who pays is king, but one could just as easily say that he who lias the product is king. Actually I believe neidier is king; both are equal. It just depends oil your outlook.

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