AcaPt your product your work in a way calculated to please the mfCiw audience best You are there to serve the customers

That is one way of doing business; and although it seems die most logical, and to some, the otily way, there are others. Nor better or worse ways, just different ones.

Here is an example of how business is done in some cultures. A man stays at a hotel and finds that he needs to remain a day longer than expected. He goes to the clerk and asks if this can be arranged. The clerk replies, "Sir, I believe all our rooms are booked, but I'll do my best to see if I can arrange something for you/' An hour later die man returns and the clerk tells him, "Yes, Ive been able to adjust matters. It took quite a bit of doing but, luckily, I managed to secure the room for you for one more day" The man is understandably grateful ro the clerk for his efforts.

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