Wine Instead of Flowers

N up to date finish to the well known trick of producing flowers from an empty paper cone, consists of tearing off the tip of the cone after the flowers contained in the latter have been emptied out, when a quantity of red wine, sufficient to fill several glasses, is seen issuing from the open tip of the cone, which is now unrolled and shown to be empty and perfectly dry on the inside.

In order to be able to perform this trick, the conjurer must obtain from a drug store a small safe made out of extremely thin rubber, or what is just as good, a toy balloon of the long variety. Around the opening of this balloon is cemented a brass ring; the balloon is then filled with wine, its opening closed with a heavy metal or rubber stopper and concealed in the performer's sleeve or laid on the servante.

After having produced a number of flowers from the cone and emptied them into the basket, the performer secretly slips the filled balloon into the cone, the end with the heavy cork immediately sliding to the bottom of the latter. He now proceeds to tear off the tip of the cone, and while doing so, with the same hand pulls the stopper out of the balloon, immediately palming it and disposing of it at the first opportunity which offers itself. The wine issuing from the cone is allowed to run into glasses, which have been placed in readiness. The performer then tilts the cone toward himself and allows the collapsed balloon to slide into his hand where he can conceal it with case. The cone is then opened out and shown empty as described.

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