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In Lesson 30, I gave you an example of an inexpensive business card. I have been some excellent looking cards made from the example I gave, by those who followed the instructions carefully, and had type and arrangement duplicated, and at the same time I have seen some very weak cards by those who followed the wording but did not follow the style of type or arrangement and who employed a cheap printer.

An interesting style of card can be made by using a playing card for the background and printing on top of card. You can buy cards all alike from the various magical dealers. A deck with cards all alike is known as a

"forcing" deck and was originally designed to force a card from by those not trained to force a card from a regulation deck. A playing card company could also supply proper cards, or at least cards with regular back and blank on one side on which you could have your printer print from a zinc cut you could have engraver make for you from a regular playing card.

An artist could also design an attractive card for you.

The card should have your name and address and a punchy sales line descriptive of your work. At least the card should tell what business you are in. By having a distinctive card different from the usual run, you create a desire in people to want to save it and show it to others.

Happy Harry Hayden has an interesting card, designed like a theatre ticket.

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