Writing Letters

If you can write a good legible hand, you can write letters by hand, but the custom in this day and age is to use the typewriter as it can cover up many discrepancies. It is well to study writing letters so as to have good form. Be sure that your words are spelled correctly and that your letter is well written. In some cases it is better to dictate to a public stenographer and have her get the letter into proper shape.

Sometimes another member of the family can tend to the letter writing. If you are catering to educated people, you must have a letter that bespeaks culture and good training.

In writing for dates, it is well to have what is known as follow-up letters to write after a period of ten days apart, if the first letter does not get attention.

Where a number are sent out alike, it is well to have them multigraphed. The personal letter is best, of course, but where it is impossible to send so many personal letters, the multigraph has to be resorted to. It, too, should be well done.

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