Window Cards

Window Cards may consist of anything from handmade show cards to elaborate lithographs. I started out by making them in show card style, 14 x 22 inches. I made a funny drawing on each and tried to make them so interesting that people would stop to read them. Sometimes I used ordinary sheets of brown paper with a picture and lettering on them, and they gave me excellent results. In France during the war I put on a performance at the Municipal Theater at Clermont-Ferrand with the assistance of some of the members of the 24th Balloon Company. I made up twelve big posters on show card order and hung them up in prominent places. They were on paper, 28 x 42 inches in size, and were made in colored silhouette style. These posters, together with a small amount of newspaper publicity, did the trick, and the theater was packed. It was a usual thing to see a dozen or more people looking at the posters at various times.

A good show card writer or sign painter in your town can perhaps give you a start by making a good permanent card for you. It is an advantage to have this because you can take it from place to place and display it in prominent store windows wherever you go. Be sure to have a good photograph of yourself on this card — or even three or four photographs --showing yourself doing various tricks.

If you find it too expensive to have a poster handmade, I suggest this very inexpensive substitute. Have your window announcements printed on paper, about 14 x 22 inches and have just a few printed on cardboard. Get a good photograph of yourself doing a feature trick, and be sure that the photographer gets human interest into it. Have a half-tone cut made from the photograph. Your printer can have this done for you. A large cut is, of course, more effective than a small one.

The illustration gives you a layout showing how a Window Card, whether on paper or cardboard, should look.

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