Window Cards

Where your type of entertainment is given to raise money for organizations and the crowd must be drawn in from the outside by advertising, the window card plays a prominent part. Local merchants are, as a rule, glad to co-operate with local organizations by displaying cards in their windows. If the cards are attractive, they make good window dressing. They also save the expense of bill posting. To be effective, the window card must be attractive and catch the eye at a glance and quickly tell the story.

Because of the cost of a distinctive window card, I usually advise the beginner in magic to first make money in magic with clubs, etc., then when enough money has been made to warrant outside advertising campaigns, go to a good printer and have a card made up on the order of one in Lesson 30. When this has answered its purpose, have an advertising artist design a card with a wallop. From the drawing, a cut can be made for each color and taken to the printers. Window cards are usually printed on cardboard stock substantial enough to stand up in the window. In place of cards sometimes the design is printed on paper and held in place in window by small stickers.

Window cards can be attractively printed in one, two or three colors. The more colors used, the more the expense. However, color has selling power and should be used accordingly. The size is usually 11 x 14 inches or 11 x 17 inches or 14 x 22 inches. In the smaller towns it is almost impossible to have good window cards printed by local printer as he is not equipped for the work. Owing to the little demand for show printing, he does not have the facilities.

While on the subject of window cards, let me tell you about an effective window display that attracts attention. It is in the form of printing or design on a piece of colored paper, say, 3 x 6 or 8 inches. The paper can be readily attached to window by a bit of glue at corners. It is surprising what attractive notices can be made by these papers placed about town. Then there is the size of paper for windows about the size used by druggists for advertising a soda fountain drink. I recently saw a play advertised on the small sized paper idea with interesting effect.

For special local occasions a good sign painter or show card writer can fix you up with attractive display cards for windows.

An attractive display can be made by having some of your photos mounted on heavy mat board and attractively lettered.

In some stores which object to window cards you can often solve the question by having photos framed, and a photo placed in the window. On photo you can write "Yours Magically" and sign your name. Then on small card in corner, put where you are playing. This is an indirect system of advertising that can be made effective.

Some photographers make a specialty of making photos in large numbers for theatrical people and can supply quantity lots quite reasonable. Where a great number are necessary rotogravure is the more reasonable.

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