What To Charge

After you have done enough test work to see that you are working right, begin by charging $15 for an engagement. This is for a program running from fifteen minutes to half an hour. As you become more proficient in Magic, step up your charges to $20, then $25, $35, $50, $100, and so on.

For out-of-town dates, be sure to add your expenses to your fee.

In the Profession of Magic, you will run across many people who will try to get your services for nothing. Avoid them — except in the beginning for test work or just as a social favor to some friend. Make it known that your Magic Is PROFESSIONAL, and that you charge a substantial fee for your services.

People oftentimes judge you by your fee, so keep it high enough. Strangers are a better field than close acquaintances from whom to get engagements. Cater to those who do not know you too intimately. Acquaintances are apt to discount your ability and the remuneration for your services. Strangers, on the other hand, are willing to pay you well if you are worth it. Remember that high fees help you, and they boost the Magic Profession.

We come now to the subject of a whole evening's show, lasting about an hour and a half.

You have been given some excellent material for an evening's performance, and you are ready to make up a fine program which will be easy to carry and will cost little to produce.

A little farther on in this lesson, I give you two excellent program arrangements. You may use these as they are or work up your own. Then as the Course progresses and you get more and more spectacular material, you can add or subtract from your program which you are going to use now. You can continue this adding of effects and rearranging until you reach your ideal program.

Now, with a full evening's program, you are ready to venture forth to help others make money and to make good money for yourself.

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