What the Public Wants

People want illusion. They rush to the movies, to the theater, because they want to be entertained in an unreal world, a world of fancy. They want to live in their imaginations for a while and to forget life with its hardships. They find the theater a retreat where they can withdraw from everyday life and see things that are near the ideal.

Artists, writers, producers and actors work to produce the ideal. In the theatrical world all is illusion. There, people live through the troubles and experiences of the characters and find that in the end there is harmony. The lovers fall into each other's arms and live happily ever after. All difficulties are adjusted and everything has a pleasant outcome. The audience is pleased and happy that all is well. Each one has forgotten his own troubles and feels that his affairs will also have an agreeable ending.

This is a great factor in the explanation of the magician's power. He deals with the unreal. His art is so far removed from everyday life that the spell he casts over his public is tremendous. His is a world created entirely of fancy and not fact. He gives the people illusion. And that is what the public wants.

Another thing that the public is intensely interested in is mystery and the supernatural. These will never lose their fascination and, as they are the very stuff of which Magic is made, the Art of the Magician will never fail to hold people spellbound. Magic will never die, and the Magician with his power to produce supposedly supernatural effects will ever continue to thrill the public.

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