Wand From Pocketbook

A novel way of producing a wand, which makes a good opening number. This is adapted to either the regular wand or the special vanishing wand described in Lesson 20.


Performer shows a small pocketbook, to be empty. He then suddenly draws out his wand from the inside of the pocketbook. The wand is struck on the table to show that it is solid.


1 -- A small pocketbook, such as is used to carry small change, with a clasp at top. About two or three inches is a good size.

2 -- A duplicate pocketbook, in case you want to pass it out for examination.

3 -- Your regular wand or the special vanishing wand.

SECRET: To Prepare:

Cut an inch or even two-inch slit in the bottom of pocket-book, through which the wand can be easily drawn. Make edges of slit smooth. You can easily determine the best size opening in bottom of purse for you to insert tip of wand into easily, Figure 1.

Place prepared pocketbook in right coat pocket or other pocket easily reached by right hand.

If you want to show pocketbook after production of wand, place unprepared duplicate in left trouser's pocket.

Insert wand up left sleeve, letting one end rest at base of second finger, Figure 2.

Wand may be dropped down farther to facilitate working at times. Forearm can be raised and lowered with back of hand to audience, and wand will not be discovered. Avoid any stiff movements.

To Perform:

Remove prepared pocketbook and show freely. Conceal slit at bottom with fingers, Figure 3.

Place pocketbook in left hand with bottom of purse against end of wand. Squeeze sides of purse a little. This will open slit and allow wand to be inserted. Open pocketbook with right hand and reach in with thumb and first two fingers. Grasp end of wand and pull it through pocketbook, Figure 4.

F1& 5

The effect is that you actually pull the whole length of the wand from the inside of the purse. The illusion to the audience is perfect, Figure 5.

Have a table at your left. Turn to left so that right side is toward audience. Strike wand on table to show that it is solid. As you do this, reach into left trouser's pocket with left hand as it is screened. Leave prepared purse there and remove unprepared purse. Turn to face audience again. Pass out purse for examination.

In performing on the stage and in using this production for an opening number, you do not take the time to give out the pocketbook for examination, but in club or parlor work, it is a very satisfactory conclusion to the effect.

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