The preceding effect may be presented in a little different way.

Before you begin the experiment place two cards in your upper left vest pocket, faces toward your body. Then while you are performing and have passed about six cards to pocket, click a card and pretend that it did not go into pocket. Start looking for it and reach up under coat with right hand. Take the cards from vest pocket quickly and carry them up under shoulder. Grasp left side of coat with left hand and open coat. Bring out the two cards fanned out, backs to audience. Fig. 36.

"That time two went up together and, as a result, got stuck at my shoulder. Let them now continue on their way."

Let go of coat with left hand. Reach up under left side of coat with right hand and quickly put cards back into upper vest pocket. Then move hand up to shoulder so that audience can see coat lifted, giving the impression that you placed the cards there.

"One - two -- there they go. And here they are."

Reach into trousers' pocket and take two cards out. Then continue effect as described above.

Another variation of the effect involves some preliminary work. Have the lining on your left coat sleeve opened and pocket sewed in large enough to hold several cards. On the edge have a snap fastener sewed on. Fig. 37.

Before appearing for your performance place two cards in pocket of sleeve. After having passed several cards, pretend that cards got stuck in sleeve. Reach up sleeve with right hand, open snap, and take cards from pocket. Fan the two cards, backs to audience. Then say that they will continue on their way. Reach into sleeve again, replace cards in pocket of sleeve, close snap. You can now show empty sleeve to prove that cards have vanished.

Then produce the two cards from trousers' pocket.

Little stunts like these add Showmanship to a trick and make it more interesting.

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