In emergency, part of a toothpick can be used instead of a nail.

Or forefinger or little finger may be used if finger nail is long and a bit pointed.

Or you may even use blunt finger. In this case, I first show effect of point of blade against handkerchief, then reverse knife and show effect of pushing end of handle against it.

After I have knife in left hand under paper and have right hand under center of handkerchief, my Patter runs something like this:

"There is really no danger in pushing against a handkerchief with the handle end of a knife."

Push handkerchief up from underneath with tip of one of your right fingers, then cover it with paper.

"But there is some danger when the point of the blade is used, as the blade might accidentally come right through the handkerchief and the paper."

As you say this, push knife up through paper. Conclude experiment as above.

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