Types Of Letterheads

I could write a book on letterheads. It is a big subject.

However, for the time being, let me call your attention to Plate five sample letterheads.

The first is set in type with a zinc cut from a pen and ink drawing. The upper border is stock material and printed in red. Balance of letterhead being printed in black. In place of "Versatile Entertainer", Saal could have said "Magician and Shadowgraphist". In this case he is selling himself as an entertainer and not limiting himself to any particular branch of entertainment.



Ver ¡¿¡Uli le Entertainer

Vil ; *

fa Kl HAiï Srnfc.i-1 SUAIS S 13." '

Toledo, Ohic

The second is that of Theo Okito (Theo Bamberg). It is lithographed and bespeaks dignity. When you get a letter written on letter paper bearing such a dignified heading you cannot help but feel impressed that the performer must have a reputation.

-'ri* y >■,■.


The third has a comedy touch. Those of you who know Frank Ducrot will know that it fits him. He is bubbling over with comedy. This picture was made by a high grade artist. The cartoon makes you smile with Ducrot. The fact that he says "Boy" magician gives you another laugh. You feel as though you would like to meet the man and see him perform. You instinctively feel that you could not spend a dull moment while he is around.

The fourth is that of Max Malini. It is set in type. He has used a rather clever catch-line at the top, "Honest to Goodness I Only Cheat A Little". Here, again, the ice is broken without destroying dignity.

"'Hjtitft Tu (fWflfr-ij i vm'f ('foal A (jfdw "


Let me say here that when a magician comes out with a clever slogan or catch-line, do not copy it. It belongs to the magician and is indicative of his work. People associate it with that particular magician. You can, however get another catch-line that will fit your style of work.

The fifth letterhead is a still different type. It is printed in black and buff. It is made from a drawing with a half tone photo insert.

In Plate 5, next page, we have a number of other letterheads, also the type of envelope used by Okito. The embossed seal that he uses and pastes on his correspondence and literature adds a neat touch. The seal is printed in red on white paper and gives just the proper artistic appearance.

In Betty Jane Kolar's letterhead a few facts of interest about her are given.

Note how Sid Lorraine suggests magic with a handful of cards.

John Mulholland has a striking letterhead. It is printed in two colors, green and black on white paper. The rabbit in the hat tells the story. Mulholland's work is of the highest class and brings him before universities and highly educated people. For this reason he must be unusually careful in the selection of a neat letterhead suggestive of his work.

Chris Charlton's letterhead is printed in a deep blue on a parchment paper. It is an embossed heading and shows class. The coat of arms at the top adds distinction.

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