Types Of General Questions

There is a great deal of sameness to questions asked in any audience. They can all be sifted down to a simple arrangement.

There are questions on HEALTH, WEALTH, AND LOVE. Those three classifications cover a multitude of things and have many angles.

There are those in your audience who have lost articles;

there are those who are merely curiosity seekers; and there are those who want to get something for nothing. There is the student who is wondering whether he will pass his examinations, the inventor who wants to know whether his patent will be a success. These questions come invariably: "Shall I make a change? Can I trust so and so? Who wrote the anonymous letter? Does so and so love me? Are we mated? How long am I going to live? (You can make this humorous by answering, 'I see that you will live until you die.') What about a certain real estate deal? Who stole something?" And so on.

In some cases, you need not give an answer. Merely state the question and then suddenly have the vibration drowned out by a stronger one and continue with the next bit of information.

Good humor rightly applied can be used at times without offending. It is good to put people in a laughing mood. However, NEVER MAKE FUN OF ANYONE.

Suppose someone makes a drawing instead of writing a question or information. This gives you a good opportunity for SHOWMANSHIP.

Assume that Frank Smith makes a drawing of a pig. You say: "I see a picture in someone's mind. Hold it, whoever it is. It is coming from a person with the initials—F. S. Where are you, F. S.? Are you thinking of the picture? Do not change the original picture you thought of. Keep it in mind. Have you a pencil and paper? Will you draw your original thought on a slip of paper? (This member of audience thinks you mean the picture which he drew before. Rest of audience thinks you caught a passing thought from someone. Be sure to see that this person gets a pencil and paper.) Draw the picture line for line the best you can. Have you finished? Now on this pad I shall try to draw the picture you have in mind. Think hard of it."

Tear off the sheets containing prepared information from tablet. Show blank pad.

Draw with soft black crayon so that it will show up well. Make the sketch as nearly like the original as possible. Then compare with sketch just made by spectator and show both to the audience.

You can get someone to draw a picture in the very beginning when all are writing on slips. Merely suggest it to several people in your patter and they will do it. This is a great finish for an act of this kind, and it is well worth while to work it up to perfection.

Later on in the Course, I shall discuss more angles of Mind Reading and Mental Magic. You will then be equipped to meet many occasions.

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