TwoInOne Color Change

Bring left hand up with back to audience. Bring back of right hand up against left, Figure 63.

When lower part of left hand is covered, bend left thumb upward and insert in red thimble, Figure 64.

Under cover of right hand, bring left thumb with red thimble down to crotch of right thumb and Thumb Palm thimble there, Figures 65 and 66.

Be careful of ANGLES OF VISIBILITY here. Keep back of right hand squarely before audience. Turn left hand over to expose palm. Place right forefinger against left palm, Figure 67.

Now turn back of left hand to audience. Insert second finger of right hand in red

thimble which is Thumb Palmed. Bring left thumb forward and down to cover forefinger and second finger of right hand. Under this screen, straighten out second finger, bringing red thimble next to thimble on forefinger. Close left hand around both fingers and thimbles, Figure 68.

Push red thimble up above other thimble and hold secure by closed left hand. Quickly remove second finger of right hand. This is all done in a few seconds. The effect to the audience must be that you merely covered thimble on right forefinger with left hand, Figure 69.

Insert plain thimble into red thimble with aid of left hand. Now bring right hand down to show that thimble has changed to a red one. Show front and back of right hand. Open left hand and show front and back. There is no other thimble in evidence. The silver one, therefore, must have changed to red, Figure 70.

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