Trouser Leg Production

Placing holders with thimbles inside of bottoms of trousers is another method for supplying thimbles for Productions.

Sew a holder of four thimbles inside bottom edge of right trouser's leg and a holder of three thimbles inside left trouser's leg, Figure 113.

Have thimble on right forefinger and vanish it into the air -- in reality, by Thumb Palming it. Slip this thimble from Thumb Palm on to second finger. Reach up under left trouser. Get the three thimbles from holder on to your free fingers -- first, third, and fourth.

Remove right hand with all fingers curled into palm but forefinger. Show this finger freely with thimble on it. You apparently vanished a thimble into the

Rush r

riG i ri air and found it again under your left trouser.

Do the Pull-Away Vanish (Principle No. 8) — disappearing thimble from right forefinger supposedly in left hand. You really Thumb Palm this thimble in right hand.

Reach up under right trouser's leg with left hand, get thimbles on all finger-tips, remove hand with fingers curled into palm except for forefinger. Show this freely with thimble on it -- apparently the same thimble which you just vanished in the left hand.

Bring hands to front of body, backs of hands to audience. Do Thimble Jump from Hand to Hand as taught you above. See Figure 101. Perform this two or three times. Then say to audience:

"I just overheard someone remark that I ought to use more than one thimble. I do! I use EIGHT."

Open fingers wide and show all eight thimbles at once -- one on each finger-tip.

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