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This is one of the most mystifying of coin tricks. You will be able to do it after practicing it just a few times. You can do this trick at any time — at the dinner table, in a business office, or before an audience.

Magician borrows a half dollar from someone in the audience and asks the loaner to mark it so that he will be able to identify it later. Then the magician borrows a handkerchief and places the coin in the center of it. The loaner is given a glass of water to hold in his left hand and the coin and handkerchief in his right hand. At a given signal he is told to drop the coin into the glass of water and then to remove the handkerchief. To his great surprise he finds the coin has disappeared. Then the performer nonchalantly takes the marked half dollar out of his purse, which has been in his pocket during the entire trick.

We are giving you FREE with this lesson the paraphernalia for performing this trick:

1--Glass Disk with polished edges, the size of a half dollar.

2--Glass with bottom the size of Glass Disk. The other articles you will need are: a--An ordinary small purse with clasp at top.

b--A borrowed half dollar. c-- A borrowed handkerchief.

Fundamental: Finger Palming

In your left hand trouser pocket you have the small purse and glass disk concealed.

Very casually while you are talking, get the glass disk (G) into your left hand, holding it at the base of the second and third fingers and curving your fingers a little over the disk. This is called Finger Palming.

NOTE: The "patter" for all tricks will be underscored and shown in quotation marks (" ").

"Now for this little experiment -- you know all tricks are experiments; sometimes they fail (sometimes) — I must have a half dollar. I thought I had one here in my pocket but I believe I will have to borrow one."

You will find that you can work very close to your audience without their suspecting that you have something in your hand. Remember to practice with the "Angle of Visibility" in mind.

"Will someone please loan me a half dollar for a few moments? Put a good heavy mark on it — any mark will do. Your girl's 'phone number would be great. I could then call her up in the morning."

This shows your hand as it looks to the audience. They do not suspect that you have the disk (G) concealed in it. Remember, naturalness in the pose of the hand which has the coin finger palmed.

"Or you might put my income tax on it. Any place on the coin is room enough for a zero."

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