To Vanish The Last Three Cards

This is a most important move and one which can be used in many effects to vanish a number of cards. With practice you will perfect this move and become skilled in its use.

The effect is that you just push the cards into left hand which closes on them. Then you open left hand -- and the cards have vanished.

When cards are almost all in left hand push tips of right fingers forward. This causes card to pivot on first finger of left hand and to revolve automatically into the right palm. Bend right hand slightly and palm the cards. Fig. 41.

At the moment when cards are propelled into right hand, close left hand as though cards are in it. Lift left hand up, constantly looking at it. Remember your MISDIRECTION here -- not to look at right hand at any time when you have cards palmed in it. Figure 42.

Open hand slowly and show that cards have vanished.

Now place right hand suddenly into right trousers' pocket, push palmed cards into upper corner of pocket, and bring pocket out empty. Then pull left pocket out empty. Look perplexed as though you do not know where the cards are. Push the pocket back in again. Reach up under coat to left shoulder, then feel around vest for them. Give your vest a shake as though you are shaking something down. Then suddenly reach into right trousers' pocket again and remove the three cards.

Or right hand can be pushed under left side of coat and cards produced from shoulder.

Lesson 13

In the next lesson we continue to study card effects -- this time some very interesting card stabs. With the effects, of course, you learn some more essential principles of Card Magic.

1 -- A deck of cards is divided into two parts. A card is selected from each half by a spectator, remembered, replaced, and shuffled into its respective half deck. The two packets are put together to form whole deck again. The deck is placed behind a piece of newspaper. A spectator stabs through the paper into the deck of cards with a

F<G. 39

knife. Paper is removed. Deck is opened at place where knife pierced it and it is found that the selected cards are there, one on each side of the knife.

2 -- Spectator selects a card from deck. This card is shuffled back into the deck. The cards are wrapped securely in a piece of paper. Spectator is then given a knife, which he stabs through the paper into the cards. Performer removes the paper and it is found that the knife has located the selected card.

3 -- A card is selected, then thoroughly shuffled into the deck. Spectator runs knife into deck anywhere he chooses. Cards are separated and it is found that the selected card is at place where knife was inserted.


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