To Vanish A Glass Tumbler

A glass tumbler can be "vanished" in a similar manner to an orange by screening well with hands. You can "vanish" a glass nicely with even one hand. A pretty "vanish" of a glass is performed by aid of a square of tissue. Glass is placed near well as in Fig. 18. The square of opaque tissue is brought over and around the glass, Fig. 19. The paper is formed around the glass. The glass is brought over well and allowed to drop therein. The paper still retains the form however as though having a glass beneath it. The left hand holds paper form while right hand goes to front edge of table and form is slid off table, Fig. 20. The right hand apparently holds glass up within paper to keep it from falling. Now step from table and face audience suddenly bringing the left hand down on the right, apparently "vanishing" glass in hands. A nice finish here is to roll up paper into a ball and toss to audience. A glass of water (say, half-full) can be "vanished" in similar manner. For safety have rubber lining in pocket or around pocket. Rubber lining need not extend to top but instead be out of range of spectator's vision.

Many magicians "vanish" glass by covering with handkerchief and then tossing the handkerchief into the air, spreading it out to show that glass has vanished. The handkerchief is doubled with a round cardboard or celluloid disc sewed in center the same size as top of glass. In covering glass with handkerchief the disc in center of handkerchief is placed on top of glass. The disc is held with fingers. The glass is dropped into well and hand carries disc upwards with handkerchief draped down therefrom. The illusion is that glass is seen under handkerchief. Handkerchief is thrown into air and "vanish" is easy.

The black art well can be readily used to vanish a small object in the art of picking up your wand which has been lying on the table near the black art well.

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