To Vanish A Billiard Ball Or Similar Small Object

Place ball on table similar to Fig. 12 near well. The braid helps to hold it in position. Pretend to pick up ball. Close hand over it, Fig. 13, which screens ball from view of spectators. Move hand with ball slightly backwards so that ball falls into middle well. The hand is held close to table of course. Close hand as though containing the ball lifting hand from table, Fig. 14. Then bring this hand forward, at the same time opening hand slowly. Show to the audience. The impression naturally follows that you have vanished the ball.

Sometimes I have worked a puzzling effect by apparently placing ball in a small paper bag, then screwing top of bag together, I crush bag between my hands and with a bang toss it to audience. Spectators would swear they saw me place ball in bag as they took it for granted I lifted it up from table.


Some objects are too large to screen with one hand, so two hands are used. Place orange on table similar to Fig. 15. Bring hands down so both hands clasp orange, Fig. 16, one in front and the other behind. Bring hands over black art well, allowing orange to drop into well, Fig. 17. Move hands forward as though containing the orange. Move away from table and "vanish" orange from hands in a graceful manner.

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    How to vanish an object with an handkerchief?
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