To Produce Stack of Bowls During Performance

It may be at some time that you will want to produce the stack of bowls as the climax to some effect during your performance. It makes a good climax, for instance, to a silk production.

After you have produced a bunch of silks from a hat, a Chinese lantern, or something else, you can pick up the silks and place them on a bare table. Then suddenly lift the silks and produce the stack of bowls. The effect is very startling.

To perform this, build a small two-sided screen a few inches higher than the stack of bowls, Figure 42.

Place this screen somewhere on stage and place stack of bowls in case behind it, Figure 43.

As you produce silks, place them one at a time over the screen letting one edge fall over top of bowls, Figure 44.

After production is finished, quickly pick up the silks, at the same time grasping ring A of case over bowls. This brings stack of bowls up behind silks. Do this in a natural manner as if you were merely lifting up the silks, Figure 45, next page.

Bring silks over to table and set stack of bowls down on table without revealing it to audience. Through the silks, grasp ring B and raise it to release holder. Then suddenly lift up silks with holder concealed behind them and expose stack of bowls on table.

NOTE: When this production is performed from a bunch of silks, it is well to make the case for the bowls bright red in color to match some of the red silks. Thus even if case is accidentally exposed, it would not be noticed by audience because it is the same color as the red silks.

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