To Perform

Have pitcher of water and five prepared glasses on table. Glasses may be in a row or fifth glass may be in rear until needed at finish of effect.

Pick up pitcher of water with right hand and glass No. 1 with left hand.

"Seeing as how we have such a nice comfortable gathering here, it might be a good idea if we had a little drink between ourselves. The gentleman there, I believe would like a glass of water."

Pour water into glass, filling it about two-thirds.

"Oh, pardon me, you seldom drink water."

Pour the glass of water back into pitcher again. This now gives you a solution of potassium carbonate in the pitcher.

"How about a little gin?"

Pour water back into glass No. 1 and place on table in full view.

Pick up glass No. 2 and pour potassium carbonate solution from pitcher into it, filling it about two-thirds full. This gives a bright red solution in glass.

"Or how about a little 'vin rouge' or red wine?"

If solution should happen to be too weak and you get a pink color, you can call it strawberry soda or Russian wine or whatever seems suitable for the occasion.

"All right, sir, a little gin for the gentleman over here."

Pour water from pitcher into glass No. 3. There is no chemical reaction here and fluid in this glass remains colorless like gin.

"And a bit of rare wine for the gentleman here."

Pour water into glass No. 4 and the potassium carbonate in it will produce a red liquid in this glass, see Figure 4.


Set pitcher on table and pick up glasses No. land 2.

"What's that? You would rather have wine than gin? All the same to me."

Mix contents of the two glasses together, causing both to contain red liquid. You now have arrangement of liquids in glasses as shown in Figure 5.

"Or, better yet, why not have a whole pitcher of this rare vintage?"

Pour both glasses No. 1 and 2 into pitcher. Contents of pitcher are now colored red.

Pick up glasses No. 3 and 4.

"A glass of wine and a glass of gin. You want two gins instead."

Pour liquids back and fourth in these two glasses. The chemical action here changes the red solution to a colorless one like water or gin. Finish with half of the liquid in each glass.

"Two gins."

Look toward rear of hall.

"Pardon me, the manager is trying to tip me off that the prohibition officers are just coming in."

Pour the two glasses of clear liquid back into pitcher, which causes contents of pitcher to turn colorless again.

"I am pleased to offer you, my friends, a nice drink of water."

Pick up glass No. 5 in left hand and pour colorless liquid from pitcher into it.

"Or, how about a little milk?"

Pour solution from pitcher into fifth glass and effect of milk is produced.

A comedy touch may be added here, if desired, by picking up a sixth glass and pouring out a good imitation of a glass of beer. Have a cardboard sign to place in front of it, on which is lettered — 1/10 of One Per Cent.

To produce the beer have a little liquid soap (made by boiling soap bark) and some iodine in bottom of glass. When water from pitcher is poured over it, the iodine gives the color of beer and the soap gives the foam. Anilin dye may be used instead of iodine, or even some dark cake extract. To get a good bubble, seidlitz powders may be placed in bottom of glass instead of soap. Have bottom of glass screened by some object so that audience cannot see powders. When water is poured into glass, the powders will foam and bubble and the iodine gives the effect of beer.

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