To Perform

Remove tissues and cigarette papers and place on table. Arrange tissues in a row, a few inches apart, in this order — red, green, blue, black.

Remove a cigarette paper from book and give it to spectator to examine. Place book aside.

"Just a cigarette paper."

Take cigarette paper from spectator and show it on both sides. Also show hands empty.

"Which I shall roll into a small ball and place on the table."

Roll cigarette paper into ball between the fingers and place on table in front of tissues. Show hands empty. Casually place right hand into right trousers' pocket.

"Now, select any one of the colored tissues on the table — red, green, blue, or black. Choose any one freely."

Assume that spectator says red. Find the red pencil in your pocket with your finger-tips. Say to another spectator:

"You, please, think of any number -- say, between one and a thousand. Have you thought of the number? Name it aloud so all can hear and there will be no doubt about it later."

As you say this, get cardboard apparatus into position so that you can write on cigarette paper with red pencil. After a little practice you will have no difficulty in writing inside of your pocket without being detected. It is a natural attitude to stand with hand in pocket.

Assume that spectator calls out number 742. Write it as you repeat it after him.

"Seven - four - two. Remember the number 742. That was your own free choice, was it not?"

Slip rubber band from cardboard apparatus in pocket and take out cigarette paper. Roll it into small ball, similar to the one lying on table. Hold it concealed between first and second finger-tips and thumb of right hand and bring hand out of pocket. Figure 21.

Say to spectator who selected color:

"I believe you selected the red paper, did you not? It would be better to place the ball of paper on the color you selected."

Pick up ball on table, grasping it between same fingers which hold numbered ball, Figure 22.

Place finger-tips on red tissue and drop numbered ball on it, retaining blank ball in fingers. Bring right hand down to side. To audience it appears that you merely picked up ball from table and placed it on the red tissue. In reality, you made an exchange, placing the numbered ball on the tissue, Figure 23.

"We'll place it right here in the center of the red tissue."

Adjust ball on tissue with left hand as you place right hand in right trousers' pocket and drop ball in it. Remove hand from pocket when it will seem most casual.

"Now, let us see how things stand. First of all, we rolled a piece of white cigarette paper into a ball, which we placed here on the red tissue selected by the gentleman."

Say to spectator who selected number:

"Your number, I believe, was seven "

Hesitate as though you had forgotten number. Spectator names it.

"That's right. Seven - four - two. Concentrate a moment on it, while you, sir, concentrate on the red color. I do not know whether you believe in psychic phenomena or not or the power of mind over matter. You selected a number and you, a color I shall not touch the ball of paper myself. No one could possibly have known beforehand the number you selected, sir, or the color. However, to show you an interesting piece of phenomena, I want you, sir, to pick up the ball of paper and unfold it carefully."

Spectator picks up ball of paper and unfolds it. Take paper from him and show it freely, passing it out for examination, Figure 24.

"And there you will find 7-4-2 written in red."

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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