To Perform

Come forward and start with your Patter.

"Once upon a time, an old Chinese conjurer told me how he used to make certain wishes come true. 'First of all,' he said, 'make a table. Take a table base with a hole in it.'"

Pick up the table base. Show it to audience, turning it all around and on end so that they can see through it. This is to show that nothing is concealed, Figure 11.

Now place the table base on a table, setting it squarely in front of audience so that they can see it plainly, Figure 12.

"Then he told me to place table top on this."

Pickup the table top, grasping it by the end farthest away from the audience. This causes the other end to slant downward and thus conceal the rabbit in the bag under it. Place this top on the table base, putting down the side nearest the audience first, Figures 13 and 14.

Do this quickly and in a careless manner, as though you just picked up a board and laid it on the table base to make a top. Your MISDIRECTION here is your easy way of handling the special top.

"Now the important part is this magic Chinese Wishing Box."

Pick up the box. Run your right arm through it to show it empty, also hold it up high and move it from side to side so that audience can see through it and is convinced that it is empty.

"This box was built during an early Chinese Dynasty, 935 B. C. — B. C. meaning By Chinaman. By Chee Wu, the grandfather of Ching Poo. In fact, Chee Wu gave me this box himself. 'Now place the box on the table,' said Chee Wu, 'and cover it carefully.'"

Place the box on the table top. Then pick up box top, show it on all sides, and place it on box, Figure 15.

"The lid is on. This is the box that makes wishes come true. Will you make a wish, sir?"

Nod in the direction of someone in the audience, but to no one in particular.

"What a strange wish, sir. The gentleman wishes for a rabbit's foot. No doubt, to keep the evil spirits away."

As you say this, with left hand raise end of lid farthest from audience. With right hand reach into box, open door of table top, grasp rabbit by the ears, and pull him out, Figure 16.

The rabbit is produced, of course, from under the table top, which is under the box. To the audience, however, it appears that you take the rabbit right out of the box. As you produce rabbit, remove top of box entirely, then show rabbit so that all can see, Figure 17.

"There you are, sir, not only one rabbit's foot, but four of them."

NOTE: Should you ever desire to use box for a Color Changing Rabbit Production, work it this way: Have a white rabbit in the bag in table top. Have a black rabbit out in full view. Remove box top and reach into box with left hand. Raise door of special table top. Take the white rabbit out of the bag and drop the black one in. Now Produce the white rabbit. Let the door of the table top fall back into place with the catch securing it. It is well to pad the door with felt to prevent its making a loud noise when falling. Then remove the box and show it empty.

If apparatus is large enough, the two rabbits may be placed in the bag at the beginning. Take the black one out first, then pretend to overhear someone saying that they do not want a black rabbit. Use suitable patter here. Then drop black rabbit back into the bag and produce the white one. In this production, lift up the box and show it empty after each color change.

Work quickly! Fumbling ruins your effect. To the audience a second seems as long as a minute if your performance is not snappy.

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