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Assistant brings in tray with bottle and two shells over it, the two covers, and the glass. He sets this down on table, then steps back so that he is out of your way and yet can look on.

You perform the experiment as described except that you leave one shell over the bottle and use the other one to work with under the cover. When you come to part of effect where you say, "Things would have been different," cover the bottle and glass again without exchanging tubes.

Assistant has, in the meantime, edged up closer and is looking into cover with bottle. You pretend not to see him because you are busily engaged in talking to audience. Assistant reaches into top of cover and removes shell from bottle, being careful not to expose bottom of it, Figure 19.

Assistant puts bottle under left arm, holding it in right hand, Figure 20.

Assistant puts bottle under left arm, holding it in right hand, Figure 20.

"Naturally, an experiment of this kind has many uses for it enables one to transport bottles or glasses of wine invisibly from place to place. While it had its uses in the old monastery of France in enabling the old monk to sneak out a few bottles to his friends once in a while, yet in this day and age, you can readily see that it has an even greater value. And strange to say, I have never known it to fail. If I command a bottle to appear under a certain cover here, it must appear there, regardless of the consequences."

As you speak, assistant sits down in chair which has the open Servante on the back, Figure 21.

As he does so, he drops the shell over top of chair into Servante at rear. He keeps his hands in same position, however, to lead audience to believe that he still holds bottle under his arm, Figure 22.

"As we all know, the bottle is under the tube at my right."

Point to tube at right. Audience laughs as they have seen assistant remove bottle from under that cover.

"And the glass is under the cover at my left."

Lift this cover about three inches to expose bottom of glass.

"Naturally, it is very important that we know the exact location of the aforesaid articles."

Assistant rises from chair and moves away a little in secret delight, still pretending to hold bottle under his arm.

"So we have the glass here "

Lift up cover and shell inside, revealing glass. "And the bottle there."

Lift other cover and show bottle. Assistant stares at bottle in surprise. He quickly raises his left arm and brings his empty right hand out. He turns around mystified, showing audience that bottle has disappeared. The effect is that the bottle disappeared from under assistant's arm and appeared under cover again. Assistant can now go offstage.

Then proceed with experiment as taught you in preceding effect by EXCHANGING COVERS and finishing effect.

Note - Another method of disposing of bottle under assistant's arm is to have him edge over to a wing on side of stage and have someone take it. He then advances forward again.

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