To Perform

Come forward with envelope thus prepared, with blank card, the piece of white or yellow paper, and pencil. Stand on stairs leading down from stage to audience

"I am not a fortune teller nor a clairvoyant. I do not see far into the future for you and tell you that you will marry a dark-haired gentleman or a widow with six children. But there are times when I can predict things that a human mind will do in the very next moment. I will work preferably with strangers. First, on this card I am going to write a few words. You will note that it is just a blank card. I will write them in red."

Show both sides of card. Using envelope and yellow paper as a rest, pretend to write down four things on card with the RED pencil. Scan audience as you do so and look straight at four people you will use later on. If you desire, you can have four people stand up for experiment. In reality, you do not make a mark, but you make audience believe that you write a prediction. Be careful of your ANGLE OF VISIBILITY here so that audience cannot see that you are not actually writing. Place red pencil in pocket.

"I have written a prediction. I will now place it in the envelope and seal it."

Open envelope, being careful not to expose carbon. Place the card inside between carbon and back of envelope. Seal envelope.

"Will you, sir, just place your initials on the envelope so that you can identify the envelope later on?"

Give spectator the regular lead pencil and have him initial envelope, then take pencil and envelope from him.

"I want some good spectator to help me. You will do fine, sir. I am a stranger to you, am I not? You have never seen me before. (If playing before a strange audience.) I am going to ask you to give me the first number that comes into your head after I say one--two--three. Any number between one and a hundred thousand. Make it as big as you like or as Complicated as you choose—whether you say 742 or 4, 040 makes no difference. Are you ready? One--two--three. What is the number?"

Let us suppose that spectator says 6,792. He may call out almost anything.

Hold envelope in left hand with face up. On this place the yellow paper. Take pencil in right hand.

"Just by way of checking up, I'll just write down the number on this piece of paper Six thousand, seven hundred, and ninety-two."

Write this number on the yellow paper. It is transferred through the carbon on to the card inside of the envelope.

"Will you, madam, give me the name of any city that comes to your mind? Any city in the world."

Assume that she says Paris.

"Paris? You must have been thinking of styles for a new dress."

Write down the name, Paris, under the number. This also is transferred to the card.

"Now, sir, how are you on colors? Name any color you happen to think of. Red?"

When a spectator names a color, write it down under the city.

"Now--we have seven days in the week. Which day appeals to you most? Thursday?"

A fourth spectator names a day of the week, and you write this down under the color.

You now have the four things written on the piece of paper as shown in Figure 7. Inside of the envelope is the white card with the same things written on it, having been transferred through the carbon paper.

"I shall ask the gentleman here to take the piece of paper and hold it so that we can check up. (Read from paper while in spectator's hands.) The gentleman's number— 6,792, the city was Paris, the color—red, and the day--Thursday. (To gentleman who initialed envelope.) Do you recognise your initials and writing, sir?"

Show him the envelope. Now tear off end of envelope, being careful to keep above carbon paper so as not to expose it.

Remove the card and show.

"You see that the prediction was correct. I wrote on this card just what the four people called out. Let us check it up. (To gentleman with yellow paper.) The number—6,792, the city--Paris, the color--red and the day-Thursday."

Take paper from gentleman and return to stage. Place card, envelope, and paper on table or in an inner pocket.

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