To Perform

Got WHITE ball into palm of right hand. Do the Change Over Palm and get ball into left palm. See Figures 6 and 7, using opposite hands. Now produce ball on closed left fist. See Figures 8, 9, and 10.

Throw ball into air twice, then pretend to throw it a third time but keep it palmed in left hand. See Figures 15 and 16.

Produce ball from right elbow or by pretending to blow it from nose, allowing it to ball down into right hand. Then turn left side of body to audience. Toss ball to left hand, back to right, then to left again. Pretend to toss it once more to right hand but keep it Palmed in left. See Figure 22. Then open right hand and show that ball has vanished.

Look at audience a moment, then raise forefinger of right hand to hea discovery. Reach into back pocket with right hand and take WHITE shell with YELLOW ball from it. Hold it between thumb and first finger of right hand so that only shell shows to audience. Apparently you have produced the white ball which you vanished a moment ago.

Suddenly produce the yellow ball between first and second fingers of right hand. See Figures 28, 29, 30, 31.

Figure 53 shows mysterious appearance of yellow ball between fingers.

as though you had made a

To show ball and shell as two solid balls —

Hold balls as in Figure 53. Bring third finger under yellow ball, Figure 54. Figure 55 shows a side view of this position, away from audience.

Grip yellow ball between second and third fingers and bring it downward between these two fingers. Bring shell upward between thumb and first finger until it can be gripped between back of second finger and first finger. You may keep thumb on shell or remove it, as you like. Be sure to keep back of shell away from audience. As you make this movement, wave your hand a little, Figure 56.

You have now shown back and front of right hand and have apparently shown all sides of the balls.

Bring shell and ball back to position shown in Figure 54, and finally to that in Figure 53.

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