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Cabinet is brought forward and girl assistant steps in it backwards and faces audience. Fig. 16.

The door is closed and fastened. The little door is opened and girl shown looking through it. The door is closed again. The bars are placed through the holes in cabinet in a routined order that must be learned by all performing the penetrative part of illusion. Bars must be placed in from above and below so that girl will have something to step up on like a ladder and can hold on to something in making her upward ascent. When she once gets up out of danger, balance of bars can be thrust through the cabinet. It will be necessary for her to help direct bars to exit holes many times.

When bars are all in cabinet, the small upper door is opened, a signal first being given so girl can adjust

her face in front of it. To audience she seems to be in the same position that she was when first placed in the cabinet. Fig. 17.

The door is closed and fastened and the trapeze is lowered from above while you raise lid of box. Trapeze comes low enough so that girl can raise up hands and grasp same. Trapeze is pulled up, Fig. 18, and girl comes up out of box and is let down onto the floor.

Or you can finish by removing the bars quickly and opening door again, showing the girl who steps out, bows and takes the applause.

NOTE: In this method of working bars could also be thrust through box through the other two sides. It is really remarkable what you can do with an illusion of this type by using ingenuity. Try it—you'll be surprised!

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