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Start experiment with this patter:

"It is said that this experiment originated with a monk in one of the old monasteries of France. The monks have been noted for their fine wines. The experiment may have been used by this monk to lead his brethren into believing that they were seeing things. Anyway, according to the story, the monk used a bottle and a glass of wine."

Pick up bottle and shell with right hand. Insert second finger through hole to grip glass inside of bottle. Pour liquid, supposedly wine, out of bottle into glass on table, filling it about three-fourths full.

"This, by the way, is a rare old vintage of the year 1362. I was there when they bottled it."

Place glass at left side of table and bottle at right on tray. Be sure to keep hole in shell to the rear.

Pick up the two covers.

"These two covers may be likened unto any other covers with the exception, J l, perhaps, that these have a hole running through them and out both ends."

Show covers freely so that all can see they are nothing but cylinders with nothing concealed inside.

"The covers are just large enough to fit comfortably over the bottle."

Place the larger cover B over the bottle and shell to demonstrate the way it fits. When cover is over bottle, push down plunger in bottle with your right second finger so that liquid will flow from upper compartment of bottle into concealed glass underneath, Figure 13.

Now remove cover, and as you do so, press second finger against top inside edge of shell and remove shell inside of cover.

Audience sees bottle on table and is not aware of any change in it. They believe you merely covered bottle to show size of cover.

"This other cover, likewise, fits comfortably over the bottle."

Place other cover A over bottle with left hand. Lift it up a little to expose bottle again, then set it down to cover bottle fully.

"The covers fit over the glass of wine also."

Place cover B with shell inside over glass of wine. You now have this arrangement: Cover A over bottle with concealed glass now filled with liquid due to release of cork in upper compartment. Cover B with concealed shell over glass of wine which audience saw, Figure 14.

"We have the bottle over on this side.."

Lift cover A again, showing bottle, and replace.

"And the glass of wine over there."

Lift cover B and shell with it, showing glass of wine.

"The mystery of this old monk's experiment lies in making the bottle leave the tube here and go over to the tube there while the glass leaves the tube here and takes the place of the bottle there -- in other words, they change places."

Point to the covers as you explain this.

"So I carry the bottle from here and place it over there."

Pretend to carry invisible bottle from cover A to cover B. Pretend to hold bottle in palm of right hand with left hand at top of it.

"And I take the glass from here over there."

Make appropriate movements, as if carrying invisible glass from one cover to the other. Look into tops of covers, then at audience.

"That's done. The bottle and glass have changed places."

Do not lift cover, merely tell this to audience. Immediately they get suspicious and want visible proof.

"It is really a difficult thing to do. Imagine making a bottle of wine and a glass of the same wine change places without your seeing them go. However, the most difficult problem is to cause the bottle and glass to change places again and go back under the covers as they were originally."

Audience is amused by this as it would require no change at all to accomplish this. Bottle and glass need never leave their original locations.

Lift up covers again, showing bottle and glass.

"And, just as I said, the bottle is back here and the glass has returned there."

Bow slightly. Audience takes this as a joke and does not consider it as a trick.

Now cover bottle and glass again.

"It is quite evident that there is undue snickering going around at my expense. This is due to your astonishment at being so completely baffled. A great many of you would like to see me perform it again. Now, instead of starting with the bottle over there, suppose we start with the glass over there."

Point to cover A, then remove it. As you do so, get fingers of right hand inside of upper rim of cover and thumb outside. Grasp bottle so that you can carry it away concealed inside of cover. When you remove cover and bottle, glass of wine is left on table. To audience it appears that this is glass of wine which they have seen before.

"And the bottle over here."

Lift off cover B with left hand, leaving shell over glass of wine which audience saw you cover. To spectators it appears that bottle and glass of wine have actually changed places, Figure 15.

Show covers freely, being a little careful of bottle concealed.

"Now we are ready to start. First, cover the bottle here."

Cover bottle shell again.

"And the glass of wine there."

Place cover A with bottle over glass again.

"Of course, I could have started with the bottle over there."

Lift cover A, exposing bottle.

"And the glass there."

Lift cover B with shell, showing glass. Cover bottle and glass again.

"Or vice versa."

Lift covers again, performing the proper moves to change bottle and glass again. Show them as in Figure 15. Cover bottle and glass again.

"If I had said versa vice "

Remove covers, showing bottle and glass changed again. "Things would have been different."

Cover bottle and glass again, but this time, EXCHANGE COVERS so that B with shell covers bottle and empty cover A covers glass.

" So, my dear sir, if you should see — a glass of wine.."

Lift cover B with bottle and shell inside, showing the glass. Replace cover B.

"Climb up a tree."

Lift cover A, showing another glass of wine.

"You've been drinking, sir."

Now lift cover B again, revealing bottle.

"You've been drinking — and thus, we have a bottle, a glass, and our two empty covers."

Place glass on tray with bottle and also covers so they may be removed and set up again for another experiment.

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