To Perform

Stand to right of table.

"I take pleasure in presenting that famous four act drama, entitled, 'The Little Glass House by the Sea.' " Pick up the glass tumbler with right hand and show. "This is the little glass house."

Wiggle left fingers in water of other glass to show that glass contains water.

"And this is the sea."

Place tumbler down near glass of water.

"So we have the little glass house by the sea."

Pick up the Union Jack with left hand, holding thumb over prepared corner. Pick up Irish flag with right hand, Figure 46.

"We also have a hero and a hero-een. The hero was an English Jack, a sailor boy was he; while the hero-een was a buxom Irish girl, as sweet as sweet could be. It was love at first sight--anyway, whatever it was, they got married. I will be the minister, perform the wedding ceremony and knot them together."

Apparently tie the two flags together, but really tie the Irish flag to corner A of the Red Cross flag. Cover your movements with left fingers and thumb, Figure 47.

Grasp Union Jack near bottom with right hand and fold it up in right hand, pleat fashion. Hold flags by the knot with right thumb and fingers. Release hold with left hand, allowing Irish flag to hang suspended from right fingers, Figure 48.

"It is really around a NOT that this little drama started. If the hero and the hero-een, when asked, 'Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded husband?' had said, 'I do NOT,' instead of 'I do,' it is likely that this play would never have been written. A dog and a cat may live peacefully together, but if you tie their tails together and hang them over a clothesline, it isn't so good."


Roll Irish flag around the Union Jack, Figure 49.

"Anyway our hero and hero-een, wrapped up in each other with visions of bliss, went to live in the little glass house."

Pick up tumbler and place rolled silks in it, allowing end B of Irish flag to hang out so that you can grasp it easily, Figure 50.

Wiggle left fingers in glass of water, then place tumbler down near it.

"So they lived happily together for a long time—say about two days. And that is the end of Act One."

Pick up the Red Cross flag.

"Acts Two, Three and Four. What have we here? The Red Cross. And what, pray tell, is the Red Cross for? Listen, and I shall explain. The Red Cross follows the battles and picks up the wounded. Isn't the Red Cross rather large? Yes, but this is going to be a rather large battle."

Look at silks in glass.

"There is a commotion in the household. They are throwing dishes at each other. Red Cross, do your duty."

Vanish Red Cross flag by any method you wish. You may use a Handkerchief Ball, a Pull, or just vanish the flag in your pocket. If you have used the Ball on your program, it is well to vanish the flag by another method this time.

Show hands empty after vanish.

"It is on its way--it has arrived—and "

Pick up corner B of Irish flag and jerk flags from glass, allowing the Red Cross flag to slip out of the double English flag. Let all three flags hang suspended from right hand and show to audience.

The Red Cross flag has mysteriously appeared between the two flags which audience saw you place in glass, Figure 51.

"It has separated the battling household."

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