To Perform

Have special wand in your hands.

"For years the Hindu Magician has been known for his baffling experiments in Magic. Tourists have come from all over the world to see the mysteries of this ingenious mystifier. No spectator has ever discovered any of his profound secrets. One experiment which the Hindu does is a particularly interesting one. He takes a small stick or twig from a tree. My wand will answer the purpose here for it is a piece of ebony wood tipped with ivory."

Tap wand on table two or three times to show that it is solid. Be sure to tap the wooden ends and not the paper shell for this may tear over the end of the table. Figure 2.

"He usually passes the stick around among the spectators, and then, picking up a piece of paper, wraps the wand carefully in it."

Take piece of paper and wrap wand in it. Start at one corner and roll the wand up diagonally across the paper. This keeps the wand within sight of the audience until it is completely wrapped. Figure 3.

"Then he twists the paper tightly at each end so there is no chance for escape."

Twist the paper about each end of the special wand. The paper now completely covers the wand. The audience knows that it is there, however, for they saw you actually wrap it up. Figure 4.

"Then he gives the wrapped stick to some spectator to hold. Will you sir. please hold this wand?"

Give wrapped wand to spectator. Have him hold the wand vertically with his right hand at the bottom wooden end and his left hand at the top wooden end. Figure 5.

"You feel the stick, do you not? Wood is pretty solid, and if you are feeling well at all — which you seem to be -- it isn't difficult to detect. Perhaps you had better just stand up so that all of the audience can see."

Have gentleman arise and hold wand in same position so that all can see.

"Suddenly the Hindu reaches over and grasps the paper."

Suit the action to the word. Reach over and take wrapped wand from gentleman.

"He says, Hi-Hi,' and tears it into pieces."

Tear paper through the middle. Then place the two halves together and tear them through again. Crumple up the paper into a ball and throw it aside or drop it on the table.

The tearing of the wand is not difficult. The wooden ends are small and are not noticed when the paper is crumpled up. Be careful that no one gets hold of the paper to examine it. Always destroy your evidence as soon as possible.

"The gentleman here wants to know what became of the stick. 1 shall explain it. Do you remember when 1 said. Hi - Hi'? That was the signal for the stick to jump."

Reach in and take regular wand from inside right coat pocket with left hand. Flourish the wand around and show it to audience. Figure 6.

"And here it is in my inside pocket."


The principle of the vanishing and reproduction of a wand permits of many variations.

For quick action the performer wraps wand in paper after showing it to be solid and tears it up immediately without giving it to an assistant to hold.

Another interesting way to produce a wand is to get an opaque flower vase and place it on the table. Make a little slit in one end of the wand into which insert the end of a piece of thread. Knot the free end of thread so that it will not pull out. Figure 7.

Drop wand, prepared end downward, into the vase. Vase should be high enough to cover wand when it is inside. Now run thread over to back of table and tie to a tack or staple, as you did in rising card experiments. Figure 8.

Pick up vase in left hand and bring it forward. The tightening of the thread will cause the wand to rise up out of the vase. Grasp wand with right hand before it topples over. It will pull away from thread easily. Figure 9.

If an assistant is available, run the free end of the thread out to him in the wings offstage. You need not touch the vase, then, but have him cause the wand to arise by pulling the thread.

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