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With left hand at back of lid and right hand at front, raise the lid a little and slide it forward on top of box. Curl your left fingers under lid and hold snap fastener to prevent unloosening, Figure 34.

Raise front part of lid (A) upward to show INSIDE. Audience can see nothing inside of lid. The bag and rabbit hangs inside of box and the snap fastener on edge (B) of lid is not visible, Figure 35.

Bring edge (A) down again and let edge (B) come up to show outside of lid to audience, Figure 36, next page.

Bring lid into vertical position and remove completely from box with

left hand. This automatically brings the rabbit bag out of the box to hang down inside and behind the lid. Edges on lid screen it from audience. Hold lid up by edge (B) with left hand and show box empty with right hand, Figure 37.

Set box upright again and place lid on it. First put edge (A) down on box. Then as you gradually put edge (B) down, unsnap the fastener and let the rabbit bag sink gently to bottom of box. Let lid come into position over box without hesitating in the movement so that audience does not suspect anything, Figure 38.

If you have a fan handy, fan the box.

Remove lid and show both sides of it to audience.

Reach inside the box, release the hook and eye, open mouth of bag. Grasp rabbit by the ears and pull him out of the bag and produce him from the box. If rabbit does not slip out easily from bag, use your left hand to help free him. Let the bag remain in the bottom of the box, Figure 39.

NOTE: As in the two preceding rabbit effects, this, too, may be presented with patter.

A bit of originality which I used to use with juvenile audiences is this: I would have a plate of small bits of cotton prepared. Then I would drop them into the box and apparently transform them into a rabbit.

A SUGGESTION: Get a regular size lady's hat box of good quality, such as come from fine milliners. Instead of producing a rabbit, produce a lady's hat. The hat is concealed behind the lid of the box just as the rabbit bag was, attached to a thread and snap fastener. Be careful that hat is small enough to be concealed easily behind the lid.

I performed this effect myself, many times with THREE hat boxes. I showed each one empty and then went from one to another and took out a hat from each. I used three assistants, each holding a box. You may perform the effect, however, placing the boxes on chairs.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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