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Three girls are in one compartment and three in the other. The cabinet is wheeled forward and revolved entirely around. Cabinet is placed in position and front doors opened. Performer then enters cabinet and pushes open the back doors, showing cabinet empty. He closes rear doors and, coming to front, closes the front ones.

The moment front doors are closed, he gives signal and girls come from compartments into the cabinet proper, the inner doors swing back into place.

They stand two abreast and face the front. They stand so as to apparently fill the cabinet.

The front doors are thrown open, Fig. 20, next page, showing the cabinet filled with girls.

Then they step out two by two and into their dance.

NOTE: Such a cabinet holds remarkable possibilities for many occasions. Imagine the production possible with many folding articles within the secret compartments. These folded articles could be brought from their concealment and opened into the cabinet proper. This nicely affords three or four big successful productions - one after the other.

To add variety for some church Christmas entertainment, Santa Claus could show cabinet empty and produce two brownies with boxes of candy and then two more brownies with presents and such.

Cabinet could be used to produce from four to six tableaux with a new person posing in each.

Special curtains could be concealed in compartments and hung on back doors and unrolled to form background. Each person produced in tableau could be dressed to fit it. Then after tableau person posing could step out while doors are closed and another scene and person is produced.

Scores of magicians will welcome this production for special occasions, adapting the production to fit the occasion.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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