To Perform

Take rope from pocket and open it up. Hold knotted ends up in hands, allowing part with Gimmicks to hang down. Figure 14.

As you talk, untie the knot, and without exposing the short piece of rope, hold long rope between your hands as shown in Figure 15. Right hand covers the Gimmicks and left hand covers joining of long rope with ten-inch piece.

"There is perhaps no magical effect in the world as well known as the great East Indian Rope Trick. You have all heard tell of this trick in which a rope is thrown high into the air and is then climbed by a boy until he gets way up out of sight. There is, however, another rope effect, equally mysterious and, like the East Indian Rope Trick, seldom seen. It is performed by a certain high caste of Hindu magicians. Tourists, watching this odd mystery, have been completely baffled. Even magicians who have seen it time and again have been able to offer no solution to the problem. Dr. Harlan Tarbell of Chicago, a prominent American Society magician, discovered the secret, and he in turn baffled magicians as well as lay audiences with it. Until recently, Dr. Tarbell was the only white man who understood the true working of this ingenious mystery. Dr. Tarbell very kindly taught me this peculiar effect and now I want you to see this miracle of magic."

Have two gentlemen come up and have one stand at your right and the other at your left.

"The Hindu magician performs out in the open with the sky as the roof of his theater. He uses a piece of rope about this long and ties the ends together to form a circle."

Drop rope from right hand and grasp the short piece of rope at other end, being careful not to expose it as a separate piece. Wrap one end of short piece around big rope once again and bring it upward as shown in Figures 16 and 17. To the audience it appears that you tied a single knot with ends of the rope.

Now allow this same end of short rope to drop down again and bring it upward so that it is only once around long rope. Drop your hands as you do this and bring them up again to keep audience from detecting what you are doing. Then tie a single knot with two ends of short rope on long rope, Figures 18 and 19.

To the audience it appears that you tied a double knot with the ends of the long rope.

"His effects are based on Hindu philosophy and occultism. It seems that the circle, the square, and the triangle have mystical occult meanings. The Hindu sometimes sits inside of his circle of rope and calls it his cycle of life."

Place rope down in front of you near the floor to illustrate how the Hindu places his circle on the ground. Then bring rope up again.

"He says that all within is physical."

Put right hand and arm through loop of rope to illustrate.

"And that all without is spiritual or psychic."

Wave right hand outside of loop of rope.

"To pass from the material to the spiritual plane, it is necessary to cut the line of life. In which case, we shall just cut the rope."

To gentleman at right:

"Would you mind, sir, taking these scissors?"

Remove scissors from upper left coat pocket and give to this spectator.

"Now, will you please cut the rope in the middle?"

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