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Let us suppose that tube is lying under red handkerchief on table. Pick up center of handkerchief with left hand, grasping loop on tube at same time. Keep tube concealed behind handkerchief, Figure 7.

Transfer silk to right hand, slipping right thumb through loop of tube as you take silk, Figure 8.

When silk is held in this position with palm of hand to audience, the audience is convinced that you hold nothing in right hand but the silk. Left hand is also shown empty. You do not call attention verbally to empty hands for the audience believe their own eyes rather than what you tell them. A clean cut move is worth more than many words to demonstrate a point.

"This is a piece of Oriental silk and might be mistaken for a silk handkerchief."

Allow right hand to come down in front of handkerchief from position shown in Figure 8 to that shown in Figure 9.

This move swings tube over from behind silk into palm of hand, where it can be held easily as shown in Figure 5.

Open handkerchief out and hold it at upper corners between both hands, Figure 10.

"This is in reality a piece of goods for a lady's dress. You can readily see what a great change in fashion there has been since the year 1890."

Release hold on corner of handkerchief with right hand, allowing silk to hang suspended from left hand. Then grasp center of silk with right hand, Figure 11.

Remove left hand from handkerchief and hold silk in right hand as in Figure 9. Raise fingers and get tube behind silk as in Figure 8.

"I assure you it would take but a few moments to make a nice red dress, rich in Oriental splendor, put of this material. You could then carry the dress in your purse."

Bring left hand up behind silk and close fingers around tube, Figure 12.

Start pushing center of silk into tube. Audience is not aware of tube, of course, and believes you are merely pushing into left hand. As you force silk into tube, wooden partition is pushed downward, forcing out the green silk at other end, Figure 13.

"How handy to tuck a dress away into such small quarters. That is the advantage of having a dress of this Oriental silk."

Tuck all of the silk into the tube. Right thumb may be removed from loop for a moment to show right hand empty and then replaced. Be sure to keep green silk well concealed in left hand after it is out of tube, Figure 14.

With fingers close together, bring right hand down in front of left. Raise right thumb, drawing tube out of left hand, Figure 15.

Move closed left hand with back to audience out toward the left. Hold right hand naturally with fingers and thumb fairly wide apart to convince audience that nothing is concealed in it, Figure 16.

Keep your eyes on left hand. Turn hand over so that front of it faces audience. Then pretend to overhear a remark from some spectator.

"Pardon me, you say, Madam, that you never wear a red dress."

Open left hand, allowing silk to spread itself, Figure 17. "Then, how about a green one?"

Allow silk to fall, grasping it at one corner in left hand, Figure 18.

Grasp center of silk with right hand as in Figure 11. Then hold it in right hand as in Figure 9, and finally as in Figure 8.

"That's the advantage of Oriental silk. It changes color to fit your moods."

You may now place apparatus aside with the silk. Or you may remove silk with left hand, holding apparatus as in Figure 5. Dispose of apparatus in pocket by reaching for some other article you need, such as a yellow silk to perform the next effect.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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