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This effect is most often used to blend in with other effects. It is very effective as a special opening for another trick in which a few cards are needed. Another excellent use for it is as a finish for the production of selected cards, duplicates of which have been forced.

CARDINI, himself, finds it valuable to use after having produced several fans of cards from the empty hand. He then picks up hoops and paper and pushing his hand through produces still another fan.

Cardini's trained skillful fingers can produce many cards at once. It is best to start with the production of a few, from three to five. Master this and then work up gradually to the production of many cards. Do the effect well with a few cards rather than bungle it with many cards. With practice will come greater and greater ability.

Pick up smaller hoop and sheet of tissue paper. Show paper, both sides and place it over the hoop. Pick up the larger hoop and press it down over the paper and other hoop to make a tambourine. Figures 10 and 11.

Do this away from the table and stand in a position to enable your audience to see clearly what you are doing. They must see that there is no trickery in this tambourine.

Hold tambourine with left hand. Outside of tambourine is toward audience. Right hand is held naturally at right side against the concealed cards under coat. Figure 12.

Turn tambourine over to show inside. The turning movement is made downward so that hoops come on a level with your right hand beside coat. Figure 13.

As soon as right hand is well screened with the paper, reach under coat and quickly remove the five cards. Figure 14.

Hand is drawn away with cards held as in Figure 15.

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