To Perform

Place four thimbles in a small cardboard box and show them freely. Place on table at your right. Pick up small paper bag and open it, holding it in left hand. Turn left side to audience. Get half thimble on back of right forefinger from right trouser's pocket.

Reach into box on table, showing front of right forefinger to audience. Dip into box and then draw finger out with back turned to audience. You have apparently taken a thimble from box, but, in reality, you just turned your finger around to show half thimble. Figure 125. Place right forefinger in bag, apparently leaving thimble there. Withdraw finger with front to audience and half thimble on back concealed, Figure 126.

Continue this until you have apparently removed all four thimbles from box and have placed them in the bag.

Turn left side to audience. Reach into coat pocket with right hand for a rubber band and leave half thimble there. Twist top of paper bag and place rubber band around it.

Now suddenly tear up bag into small pieces and let pieces flutter to floor. Thimbles seem to have vanished from the bag. To produce them, merely have four thimbles placed in various parts of your clothing. Produce them one at a time and drop them all into the cardboard box as if replacing them.

Phantom Thimble may be arranged on front of finger and productions and vanishes worked accordingly— producing thimble by showing front of finger and vanishing by showing back.

The Phantom Thimble may be used in many interesting effects. Place four half thimbles on backs or fronts of the four fingers of right hand. Cover them for a moment with left hand, turn hand to make them vanish. Then cover again and turn to produce them. Study your ANGLES OF VISIBILITY carefully in this effect.

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